Help Oscar to save the sharks

July 30 2020

A seven-year-old from Kingswood has decided to raise funds to protect sharks after watching a documentary with his dad.

Oscar Rogers has already raised £150  to save sharks

Oscar Rogers, who attends St Stephen’s infant school, first became aware of sharks and the dangers they face after speaking to a friend.

His mum Chantelle said: “He learned about sharks from a friend in school, and has been obsessed ever since reading and learning all there is to be known about them. 

“The fundraising began because my husband mentioned a show by Gordon Ramsay, about how sharks are fished and 95 per cent of the body is wasted and only the fins are kept for soup. This upset and angered Oscar and he couldn’t watch any more. We decided to do some research on how to raise money and came across The Shark Trust.

“The charity have been so kind and friendly to Oscar, they too are so proud and happy for him. We started the goal on the Go Fund Me page at £100, and have managed to reach £156 so far! 

“Of course every donation is important and we would love more people to donate. We started raising the funds through family and friends, and we are so grateful to everyone who donated. We would also like to say a massive thank you to the wonderful staff at Falcon Court for donating for my son’s cause. 

“As his mother I am beyond proud of my son, his dad also is so proud he's done so well.”

Oscar said: “I love sharks and my favourite sharks are the megladon, hammerhead and great white.”

To support Oscar and his fundraising, visit: