Hays Travel opens up in Regent Street shop

January 02 2020

THE former Thomas Cook travel agents in Regent Street has reopened as Hays Travel.

The shop shut in September after the world’s oldest travel company went into liquidation, causing 21,000 workers worldwide to lose their jobs.

Soon afterwards, Hays bought all 555 Thomas Cook branches and offered to employ all 2,400 retail staff. It has already reopened 450 travel agent shops.

The Kingswood branch of Hays Travel opened on November 18 with a team of staff who have more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in the travel industry.

Hays Travel, which now has more than 700 shops, has announced that it is giving a £360,000 boost to its community partnership scheme, which aims to kickstart neighbourhood fundraising . Every branch manager is provided with £500  and encouraged to work with their team to use the money to raise further funds for good causes of their choice in their area.