Get ready to recycle

January 26 2021

PLOT HOLDERS at Bristol East Allotments Association have volunteered to support St Peter’s Hospice’s first Christmas tree collection service.

People can drop off their trees at the association’s base in Nicholas Lane, St George, on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 January and the following weekend 9 and 10 January,  when the allotment shop starts its annual seed potato sale.

Plot holder Ron Heath says: “We would like to invite everyone to dispose of their Christmas trees with us and offer a donation to St Peter’s, particularly as so many fundraising events at the hospice have been cancelled this year.” 

Fern Jane, secretary of the association added: “We’re delighted to support this event, please do bring your trees to us. Local tree surgeons Smart Trees have offered to shred the trees for use on our allotments so you can be assured they’ll be fully recycled.  When you visit please ask me or one of our volunteers if you could be interested in taking on a plot, we’ll be pleased to help get you growing. It could be quite possible with our seed potato sale starting on the 9th that you’ll be digging fresh new potatoes and many other fresh veg next summer on your own allotment.”

Under the Gift Aid scheme anyone who is a taxpayer could have their donation increased by 25% without any cost simply by leaving their contact details when dropping off their tree.

For those preferring to have their trees picked up from outside their home, St Peter’s has a dedicated website where you can book a tree collection and make your donation at the same time. To find out more, visit: 

To find out more about the Christmas tree recycling scheme, call: 07807 254984 or email