Free Review to fix any gaps in your legal protection

September 29 2020

THE law often doesn’t work in the way you’d expect. Having NO Will or NO Powers of Attorney can cause huge problems for those you most care about.

If you became seriously ill or suffered a serious injury or perhaps a routine operation went wrong, leaving you unable to make decisions on your own, then having Powers of Attorney in place can mean you:-

● Give access to your savings – perhaps to pay for care or treatment or to pay to support your children or just to pay your bills. Otherwise they can be automatically frozen.

● Can move home to more suitable accommodation. Otherwise you can be stuck, unable to sell, where you’ve not already authorised anyone to sign for you on your property transfer documents.

● Allow those you trust to speak up for you in relation to your medical treatment. This can be like a modern version of Living Wills covering your wishes for resuscitation if you have no quality of life.   

John Baden-Daintree of Simpson Solicitors says “Even if you are married or have a close family you need to appoint those you trust IN ADVANCE, or they can face huge upset at feeling powerless to help you and often extra expense to try to sort everything out”.

Depending on your situation, the law can also have very cruel consequences if you died with No Will. In the worst cases it can mean:-

● No inheritance for your children.

● No inheritance for your partner if you are not married.

● Children under 18 in care until the court decides who should look after them. 

● The inheritance you wanted to leave being used to pay avoidable tax or care home fees.

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