Food waste shock

April 08 2022

PEOPLE are being asked to make more use of their food bins and recycling boxes after a survey found almost half of waste going into South Gloucestershire's black bins could be recycled.

The council takes samples from black bins across the district to find out what is being thrown into them by residents.

The annual survey found 44% of the contents of black bins could have been recycled in kerbside collections.

And food waste made up 29% of the total amount of waste being thrown away, despite having dedicated weekly collections, while black bins are only picked up once per fortnight.

The council said that while some types of food waste, such as fruit and veg peelings, eggshells and tea bags, were generally put out for recycling, many residents were still throwing bags of potatoes, loaves of bread and jars with food inside into the black bins.

Food that is collected for recycling in South Gloucestershire is processed in Bristol by GENeco, which extracts biogas to generate electricity and uses leftover material as a non-chemical farming fertiliser.