January 02 2020

New tastes, new experiences, New Rupali.

New tastes, new experiences, New Rupali

NEW RUPALI  has been serving Kingswood for over 30 years, but with a recent refurbishment and updated website, the business is ready to up its game. 

Based on Two Mile Hill Road, New Rupali is open seven days a week as a fully licensed restaurant while also acting as a takeaway. Customers can now order their favourite dishes online, through the restaurant’s new website. 

New Rupali was bought out around two and a half years ago, and with it came a new lease of life. 

The restaurant has a fresh feel and draws customers in with its family appeal. 

It is not a secret that small businesses can struggle in the current economic climate, so returning to these small businesses is just one way to keep Kingswood’s shops and restaurants going. 

Kas Ahmed, manager for New Rupali, said: “We’ve taken over for two and a half years now, so we wanted to bring our takeaway inside, we wanted to do more business, and bring the reputation of what it was like before because it’s a very old restaurant in Kingswood.

“Since we have taken over, we have realised that this place [and] the previous owner was doing quite well, but at this moment we are doing even better than that. This business has a very good potential.

So, we have changed many things.” He continued: “We are trying to give a better look, it’s sort of contemporary. Since we have made the improvement, it’s giving the regulars [the chance] to sit down and dine with us. Before, they used to have the takeaways, now they come with their family, they come with their friends, they sit down, and this is something that is a positive side”

It was also highlighted how improving the service and asking customers for constant feedback has allowed New Rupali to continually improve. With its Wednesday buffet offering four courses for just £9.95, it’s one of Kingswood’s little hidden gems. Customers are able to enjoy a starter, main, side and a choice of rice or bread.

“On Wednesday night, we do a four-course menu,” explained Kas. “It’s a set menu, you have a  starter, one main, one side and rice or bread. For the starter, we have chicken tikka, lamb tikka, samosa, onion baji or chicken options. And then on the main course we have curry, chicken curry, chicken bhuna. It’s only £9.95 per person.”

Catering for the customer’s needs is exactly what New Rupali is all about. If they want to make a small change, and swap around some dishes, then Kas and his team are happy to oblige. Regular customers have become friends to New Rupali, and this reputation is visible through the reviews of happy diners. “Customers used to come here as customers, now they are our friends,” said Kas. 

A shining fact of New Rupali is that it is good value for money – on its takeaway side, by ordering food through its website, customers are able to receive a discount of 20% off. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, if you phone and book a table before coming in, you are also able to receive a discount. 

“This is a small business and nowadays, small businesses are suffering a lot,” explains Kas. “I’m hoping that all the Kingswood area, and Kingswood customers of this restaurant – we need their help. Some people don’t know we are here, and we are doing a great job, and we are looking to give customers 100% satisfaction. It will be a fantastic place for everybody.”