'Fly-tipping could affect access to new play area'

March 04 2021

ACCESS to a new play park could be blocked by fly-tipping, a resident fears.

Last month the Voice reported that £80,000 funding has been awarded to build a new children’s play area at Colebrook park, off Two Mile Hill.

However, the path to the play area is via a private lane behind Hillside Avenue, used by residents to access their garages, which has been badly affected by fly-tipping in the past year.

Hillside Avenue resident James Fey said that during Covid lockdowns the lane was blocked by fly-tipping on numerous occasions.

He said residents recorded the van registration of the fly-tipper and provided their name and address to Bristol City Council. However, because the lane is private property, the residents were told by the council that they’d have to clear up the waste themselves each time.

He said, “We were told it wasn’t their problem even though the lane was blocked off by mattresses, nappies and so on.

“The lane is also full of potholes so it’s not suitable to get a wheelchair or buggy over into the park, or for kids on bikes.

“I’d also like to know what the council is going to do about safety at night, such as locking the gate and installing lighting.

“When the old play equipment was there, we had problems with graffiti and vandalism of our garages. Teenagers would hang around and leave those little silver balloons everywhere.

“I’m not against the play park at all. I used to play there as a kid myself. But how will Bristol City Council be able to carry out the works without gaining permission from residents to
use the lane? How will they get in if the lane is blocked with refuse?

“The point is, what will Bristol City Council be doing to make the lane safe for public access route entry points to the park? Why is fly tipping on one side of the park railings not their issue when the public and their pets could be exposed to hazardous waste?”

The Friends of Colebrook Park group, which has applied for the grants to fund the new play area, said concerns weren’t raised during the local consultation about the play area.

It is hoped that work on the new play area will begin this month.

A spokesperson from Bristol City Council said: “Work to refurbish the children’s play area includes the upgrade and extension of an existing access lane to provide a connecting path from Colebrook road.

“The nearby lane in question is private and clearing fly-tipping on private lane is the duty of the landowner.

“Installation of lighting and locking of the park would require additional revenue costs which funding does not cover.”

It said the council’s enforcement team hasn’t had any contact about the fly-tipping in the lane.