Fifty quid for a haircut - it's parking mad!

October 05 2019

Fifty quid for a haircut - it's parking mad!

A MAN has been landed with a parking ticket even though he has parked in the same spot for 24 years.

Alistair Dawes, 55, has been visiting the Corner Chop barbers in High Street, Warmley for a trim since 1995 and always parks in the same spaces, outside the Post Office in nearby Tower Road North.

But he discovered he had fallen foul of the law when he returned to his car after his latest hair cut.

For awaiting Alistair was a Fixed Penalty Notice on his windscreen. When he checked for signs he discovered that a residents' parking scheme was in force.

Alistair, who sells lorry and bus tyres, is not contesting the ticket as he knows he shouldn't have parked there but wants to send a message to other motorists so they don't get caught out.

He said: “It's worked out at 50 quid for a hair cut! I was only gone for 30 minutes. The ticket was timed at 12.41pm which was about the time I went to the barbers. The parking attendant must have saw me and could have wandered along to tell me that the spaces are residents' parking.”

Knowing he couldn't contest the notice as there were clear signs in place, Alistair immediately went into the Post Office to pay the £35 fine.

“It's ironic that you can pay the fine in the Post Office which is losing business because people can no longer park outside it,” he said.

“The proprietor himself was very apologetic and explained that he and his family are at loggerheads with the council over this issue.

“I only hope that my £35 is spent by social services where it might help a senior citizen, a person with mental heath issues or a person with a physical disablement.”

A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: “Parking restrictions have been in place along Tower Road North since 2017, after concerns were raised by local residents about inappropriate parking blocking access to driveways and creating a road safety risk.  

“The restrictions included a combination of double yellow lines, residents permit parking (Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm), plus a limited waiting restriction outside of the post office (limiting parking to 20 minutes between 8am to 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays – no return within an hour). Members of the public and local businesses were consulted and signs were put in place to make people aware of the restrictions.”

The council has been reviewing waiting restrictions in the area. Feedback from the public will be considered before a final decision is made in the coming weeks.