February 2020: Will & Probate Advice

February 28 2020

99% of clients recommend Simpson Solicitors.

HOW do you choose the right firm of solicitors to look after and protect you and your family?

 With Wills and Powers of Attorney, the issues are very personal and you need to be confident your legal advisor is someone you trust. Someone who will take the time to understand what you want to achieve.

 You know that using a firm of solicitors will give you the extra protection of high standards of legal training, insurance and protection against unexpected charges. But which firm of solicitors?

 Probably the best way would be to ask clients of the firm. But that is not always possible – so our local specialist Wills firm Simpson Solicitors have just published some research. At the end of last year, Simpson Solicitors, completed research with 625 of their clients who agreed to take part.  

 And the results are in.... 99% of clients of Simpson Solicitors say they are happy to recommend their Wills and Powers of Attorney service to their friends and family.

 Clients were also asked to grade the overall service and an impressive 91% gave them a full five stars.

 John and Michelle Baden-Daintree opened Simpson Solicitors locally in the Kings Chase Centre, Kingswood with the aim of making a difference. Whilst many firms are closing local offices – their pledge is to provide conveniently located local Wills Service – starting with a FREE meeting taking as long as the client needs.

 John says, “I am so proud of our team of friendly legal advisors for achieving such impressive results. To have 99% of clients so pleased with us that they’ll recommend Simpson Solicitors to their friends and family is a great achievement”

 Michelle says, “We aim to make all of our clients feel Welcome, Wanted and Cared For. We are constantly striving to improve the service. With free home visits, if getting to the office is difficult. Evening meetings. Free storage of documents. And our promise of No Hidden Costs”

 Vincent here at Kingswood had some great feedback including “excellent customer service. Everything so easy and  straight forward. Great. Vince is lovely too!”

 Other feedback included “Great at explaining the jargon” “Made to feel very welcome and valued” Friendly and clear explanations” “Friendly, patient and knowledgeable”

The service starts with a free advice meeting. As well as your Will the service covers issues such as who you trust to appoint as Attorney to support you, if you became too ill to make decisions on your own. To book your free meeting, just call their friendly team on 0117 960 8594.