Engineering apprentice leads the way

March 04 2021

A YOUNG engineer from Kingswood is helping to highlight the benefit of apprenticeships with the Ministry of Defence.

Iona Williams, an engineer at Abbey Wood

Iona Williams, an engineer at Abbey Wood

Iona Williams completed a three-year advanced engineering scheme with Equipment & Support (DE&S) at Abbey Wood and is now employed there as a corrosion engineer in Naval Ships Support. 

Iona, 23, said “Since leaving the apprenticeship and regrading in September, I have become a level one engineer and one of the job roles I have taken on is managing the Warpaint publication document, which is used as the main acceptance document for paints that are approved for Royal Navy vessels.”

She chose the apprenticeship route rather than university after her college course in engineering and has valued the flexibility it offered.

“At the end of it, you leave with a Level 4 HNC and a Level 3 BTEC. It  is quite good education wise and for you to be able to choose where you want to regrade, whether it be ships or land or air, it’s great if you want a career path in DE&S. There’s definitely lots of chances to progress.”

DE&S, the procurement arm of the MoD, employs more than 400 apprentices at a number of UK sites.

It is currently seeking applicants for apprenticeships in  engineering, finance and accounting and project management.

Sue Snowball, from DE&S, said:  “We’re always looking for talented and enthusiastic people across all backgrounds to start their exciting and fulfilling career with us. Our opportunities suit individuals who can apply themselves, bring their drive and energy at the start of their career and are outcome focused. We’re always expanding our range of training and what we offer through our apprenticeship schemes.

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