Eli, 5, strikes chord with autism poem

April 28 2021

A FIVE-year-old from Hanham has gone viral on the internet after recording a poem for Autism Awareness Week.

Eli, 5, strikes chord with autism poem

Eli Smith, who is autistic, made the recording for his classmates at Beacon Rise primary school in Kingswood to help explain how autism makes him who he is.

For example, he explained that he sometimes covers his ears because loud noises hurt them.

Now the recording has gone viral across social media platforms, with ell over 50,000 people watching the video on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The cute video shows little Eli performing in a backwards baseball cap and his school jumper.

The poem, What Makes Me, ME!, has an upbeat message that the world would be boring if everybody were the same.

Eli’s mum, Tracey, 41, wrote the poem for Eli to read out and never imagined it would explode in the way it has.

She said: “To be honest it’s a bit overwhelming. We never expected it to have such an impact and Eli is lapping up the attention.

“I wanted to do something really positive because so much that’s written about autism is a bit dark.

“Eli’s really into space and was so excited when his hero, astronaut Tim Peake, posted the video on his Instagram Stories.

“I think the poem’s done so well because it’s uplifting and helps explain autism to children of any age.”

Tracey wrote each line of the poem on a separate card to hold up for Eli to read out, so as not to overwhelm him. One-year-old sister Millie was kept out of the room during the performance.

His class at Beacon Rise, where Eli is supported by a one-to-one helper, loved watching the video and learning more about autism.

What makes me, ME!

This poem is about my autism and how autism makes me, ME!

Some things that you find easy, like talking about your day

I find quite hard so sometimes may not answer right away

And noises can sometimes hurt so much I cover up my ears

So don’t worry when I do this, it just helps the way I feel

I see the world quite differently but that doesn’t make it wrong

The world would be so boring if we all sang the same song!

Autism makes me who I am, it’s a special part of me 

And when I get my tricky days I have best friends in Class RG

And everyone is different, that so much is true

It’s the little things in all of us that really make you, YOU!