Demand for therapy service prompts appeal

January 02 2020

A CHARITY that helps support children suffering from trauma is sending out an SOS for help so it can meet the high demand for its services.

Kathleen Taylor, play therapist; project manager Lorri Weaving and Nuria del Real Iglesias, dance movement psychotherapist

The Bourne Family Project sees children referred for many reasons, including domestic violence, bereavement, trauma, family break down, high anxiety and low self esteem.

Although the charity also helps adults, it is its work with young people that has seen the greatest demand.

Services include one to one adult counselling, one-to-one children’s creative therapy, couple's counselling and a speech and language service offering one-to-one and group sessions.

The Kingswood-based charity currently has huge demand for its creative therapy service. The children’s creative therapy team, made up of play therapists and a dance movement psychotherapist, works with children from the age of three to 14. 

Play therapist Kathleen Taylor said: “We use art, movement, drama, puppets, dolls houses, sand trays, role play toys, storytelling and clay to help children develop a trusting therapeutic relationship with their therapist, allowing the child to feel safe enough to express their feelings. 

“This is a way for children to process their traumatic experiences, either through talking or the metaphor of play, helping to make painful memories less intense and increasing resilience. We support children to understand the things that have happened to them, so they can move forward with their lives in a positive and healthy way.

“We want to be able to further expand our creative therapy service so that we can reach more children and help change their lives. 

“We only ask for a donation for our service and we are always looking at ways of fundraising so we can continue to meet the needs of the community.”

This year the charity is taking part in the Aviva community project and is hoping with public support to employ another therapist. 

Kathleen said: “As staff members we are extremely proud of the services we offer and we are very privileged to meet the individuals we work with. In 2018, 145 individuals
received one-to-one therapy through our services.

“Our service really does make a difference but we have many children waiting.” 

If you would like to find out how you can support the charity, visit

If you are a business, or you would like to host a fundraising event, please contact 0117 947 8441.