December 2020 / January 2021: Vets4Pets Blog

January 26 2021

Keeping your pets safe this winter

WINTER evenings are great to cosy down with a hot drink and a warm blanket! However, it is important to remember that winter brings a variety of hazards to our beloved pets. Here are some winter tips on how to keep your pets safe and warm this Christmas!

As our evenings become darker, make sure you are staying safe and alert whilst walking your dogs. This can be made easier by using reflective collars and leads which will not only make your pooch look very dazzling, but also be more noticeable! 

Grit and salt on your dog's paws can make them sore, so it is important to wash it off after a walk. Check between their toes as little pieces can get lodged. Snow can also get stuck between toes, and can be painful. If you are worried that your dog may be in discomfort, please call the practice on 0117 961 6417

Anti-freeze solution is poisonous to cats when ingested! Just a small amount can cause kidney failure and is rapidly fatal. If your cat shows any signs of breathing difficulties, acts drunk and uncoordinated, is sleepy or depressed, is vomiting, having seizures or you simply have a suspicion that your cat may have ingested anti-freeze you should contact us immediately.

We recommend you move your small furries inside when the temperature drops, but remember not to place them too close to radiators. They can suffer heat stress and can become ill if they overheat. If you keep your small furries outside, give them extra bedding and consider moving their enclosure to a more sheltered location. 

Snow is a novelty for both humans and pets! Make sure to take care if your pet explores in the snow as dangerous objects or chemicals may be hidden underneath the snow.  

If you would like more information on Complete Care,  or would like to pick up a voucher for 4 weeks free insurance, please give our friendly team at Kingswood Vets4Pets a call on 0117 961 6417.