Crowns will have you scratching your head

January 26 2021

SUPER sleuths around Kingswood will be able to follow a trail with a difference this month.

Crowns will have you scratching your head

Children at Courtney Primary School are decorating cardboard crowns to display in the windows of homes and businesses for people to spot while out walking.

But instead of issuing a location map for all the crowns, participants will receive a bizarre list of words such as broom, satin, dumplings and hamsters.

They will need to enter the words into the What3words app to find out where the crowns are hidden. What3words gives every 3m square in the world a unique address made up of three random words. For example, the front of Courtney primary school has been assigned the words “papers lock yard” while Tesco on Westons Way is “flame storms undulation.” Entering the three-word address into the app brings up a map showing where it is.

The free app can be used by emergency services to find people who may need help when in a wooded area or fields, where a postal address won’t help locate them. It is also useful for friends to locate each other at busy events, to locate hard-to-find addresses or simply for fun.

Children homeschooling, as well as those still attending school, will all be able to use a template to decorate a crown with whatever they have to hand, including crayons, pens, glitter, paint or stickers.

The school hopes about 20 homes and businesses will volunteer to stick a crown in their window for the trail, which runs from February 6 to 21 and includes half term week.

Rachel Andrews is helping organise the trail on behalf of Friends of Courtney Primary (FOCP)

She said: “We are using a crown because it is one of the symbols on the Courtney primary school logo. We will be emailing the list of locations and instructions to everyone. All the crown posters will be in a public location so anyone would be able to take part.”

This is the first time the school has arranged a trail and the FOCP hopes many of the families taking part will be able to give a small, voluntary donation to help fund activities at the school.