CrossFit team to take up challenge

November 02 2019

Lee Berry and pals are ready for the 24-hour CrossFit challenge.

CrossFit team to take up challenge

A GROUP from a gym in Warmley are set to take on a 24-hour challenge to raise funds for a cause close to their hearts.

Lee Berry lives on Siston Hill and lost his three-year-old nephew to sepsis. Since then he has been raising money for the Sepsis Trust and has now decided to take on his biggest challenge yet to raise funds for the cause.

On Saturday and Sunday November 9 and 10, Lee and up to 40 members from CrossFit BS East gym in Tower Lane will be taking part in a 24-hour WOD (workout of the day). 

Hundreds of exercises will be performed during the challenge, from deadlifts to rope climbs, all against the clock as the group tries to complete as many repetitions as possible. 

To mark Remembrance Sunday, they will be finishing with an especially tough WOD, which involves a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and another one-mile run.

Sepsis starts with an infection that can come as a result of cuts, bites or other infections, and occurs when the immune system does not kick in to fight the infection and stop it spreading quickly round the body. Eventually the immune system response can have catastrophic effects on the body, leading to septic shock, organ failure and all too often death. In the UK, there are 52,000 deaths from the condition each year.

Lee joined CrossFit two years ago as a way to get fit, and has lost 26kg since then. He said: “Sepsis is a hidden killer but it’s very treatable if spotted early. The problem is a lack of awareness, and my nephew was sent away from the GP many times because of this. 

“Almost every time I talk to people about sepsis they know someone who has been affected by it - in fact one of the ladies who is taking part in the challenge almost died of it herself - and yet it’s not at the forefront of the medical profession's thoughts when diagnosing patients, which has to change. We lost Max because his doctors didn’t know enough about the condition, but if caught early you just need antibiotics to treat it.

“I’m really nervous about the challenge as it’s going to be quite hard and we’ll be going at it at full pace too, but I’m hoping we can raise lots of money and awareness as a result.”

Lee and the CrossFit group are aiming to raise £2,000 for the Sepsis Trust. To find out more, visit their Just Giving page: