Crackdown on illegal e-scooters

April 08 2022

POLICE in Kingswood are cracking down on use of illegal E-Scooters on public roads and pavements.

Anyone caught using one is given an official warning. If they’re caught again, police seize the scooter.

Neighbourhood constable PC Aaron Ashforth told Kingswood Community Engagement Forum that the beat team is trying to educate people using electric scooters to commute.

He said: “It is an offence.For anyone who might have a family member or friend using an E-Scooter, unless it’s the council Voi scooters you are not allowed to ride that on the highway and definitely not on a pavement.

“You will be uninsured and, especially if you’re underage, you will have points on your licence before you start.

“The procedure for that has been that we will stop somebody and check our records to see whether or not they’ve had a warning. 

“If they have had a warning, we will seize the bike but we’re in such early stages of it that very rarely do we catch somebody who has had a warning. We’re building up a database full of people that have been given warnings.”