Connecting Kingswood: Your views really count

March 04 2021

CONNECTING Kingswood is a group of businesses, charities and public services who work together in Kingswood. Last summer we created a survey to hear from Kingswood residents. The results of that survey are now in! Thank you to everyone who took time to fill it in. Here is a look at some of the findings.

Of 433 responses 60% of people felt satisfied living in Kingswood. This included 11% who felt very satisfied and 49% who felt satisfied. 23% felt neither satisfied nor unsatisfied living in Kingswood, whilst 15% felt unsatisfied and 1% very unsatisfied.

Crime was cited as the most important issue for residents affecting Kingswood today. When asked to select which, of a list of issues, were of most concern to individuals, Anti-Social Behaviour was scored most highly. Connecting Kingswood's Crime and Anti-Social behaviour group are listening to these concerns and want to work long term to improve the situation. To do this they need as much information on issues as possible. If you are experiencing or have witnessed anti-social behaviour, please contact the Community Safety Team on 01454 86 8582 or

Other concerns highlighted in the survey included violent offences and racial incidents. Cases of Domestic Violence have sadly risen during Coronavirus. If you are aware of abuse, please report to the police; you can remain anonymous. If you need to plan a safe exit from a violent or controlling partner you can visit Lockdown restrictions do not apply to those suffering domestic abuse. You can also report incident of racial abuse to the police. If you would rather not talk to the police you can call SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality) on 0800 171 2272.

You can find more results from the Connecting Kingswood Survey on Facebook by searching for Connecting Kingswood.

Connecting Kingswood: Your views really count