Connecting Kingswood: We value our green space

March 24 2021

CONNECTING Kingswood is a group of businesses, charities and public services who work together in Kingswood.

Last month we published our first findings from the Connecting Kingswood survey and fed back what people felt about living in Kingswood. This issue we
bring our survey findings on health and wellbeing in Kingswood. 

Good access to health services was seen as the most important factor for positive physical and mental health by those who answered the survey. The majority felt positive about Kingswood’s health services, with 75% rating them excellent, good or average. 13% rated  them poor, and 12% didn’t know. 

We value our green space

If you would like to share your views on Kingswood health services you can contact Healthwatch South Gloucestershire. Healthwatch make sure that those running services put people at the heart of care.  The more people share their ideas, experiences and concerns, the more services can understand what works, what doesn’t and what people want from care in the future. If it matters to you, it’s likely it matters to someone else too. Get in touch and share your story: 07944 373235 or visit

Access to parks and open spaces was ranked second in the survey, after access to health services, for positive physical and mental health. Kingswood’s parks and green spaces were also mentioned in the survey as features which residents liked about Kingswood. 

Plans to create new public green space in Kingswood as part of the £25m high street revitalisation plans therefore fit well with the survey findings and should benefit the health and wellbeing of Kingswood residents. 

‘Money worries’ were reported as having the biggest negative affect on health and wellbeing. If you are worried about money there are options available to support you. Kingsmeadow@Madeforever is located on Fisher Road, Kingswood, BS15 4RQ. They can help you with everything from claiming benefits, to advice around financial difficulties, support to find work or access to wellbeing groups. They also provide food, hygiene items, clothing, utilities top ups, household and baby care items. Call or visit – 01173018739

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