Co-op helps to raise £19,000 for good causes

February 28 2020

CO-OPs in Ingleside Road and Two Mile Hill, Kingswood, are among stores in Bristol and Somerset that have helped raise £19,000 for good causes.

Every year, each convenience store part of Southern Co-op partners with a special local cause chosen by colleagues.

The Co-operative Food store colleagues then have a year to hold fundraising events in aid of the cause.

In 2019, six different local causes were chosen by the Bristol and Somerset stores including Children's Hospice South West, Clevedon and District Foodbank, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, The Brainwave Centre, The Royal Marines Charity, and Vallis First School.

Fundraisers for the charities were held by colleagues at 26 stores.

Jessica Hughes, community investment manager at Southern Co-op, said: “Each of our stores has a budget which they can donate to special projects but this total is separate. Every penny has been raised by colleagues and customers who want to help the store's current charity partner.

“A lot of the causes are really small and may simply need help letting people know what they do. Then others have been running for years supporting hundreds of residents in their time of need.

“We are so proud of our colleagues who work tirelessly to give back to these causes. Thank you.”