Caught out by new car park cameras

October 27 2020

ALTHOUGH not residing in Kingswood, I am a fairly frequent user of the businesses in Kings Chase Shopping Centre and High Street.

I was pleased at the initiative shown by the management there when they removed the barriers and its attendant ticket system and waived the parking fees at the start of the ‘lockdown’. I previously visited just a couple of weeks ago when parking was still free.

My most recent visit was on Tuesday 6 October and I always use the uncovered area. So you can imagine my surprise to receive a parking ‘ticket’ just 48 hours later in the sum of £85!

It would seem that, in re-imposing parking charges, the management has employed a partner in crime in the shape of Horizon Parking, who, for the unwary, have now replaced the barrier/ticket system with ANPR cameras but have not posted any notices at either entrance or exit warning of the new system. As I had no reason to walk through the precinct on that occasion as my business was further down the High Street, it would appear that my 22-minute visit is a costly one. I could pay as little as a generously discounted £51by paying within 14 days. 

No one would risk not paying the very reasonable previous parking fees if they were made sufficiently aware of the re-introduction of the fees (I have seen no advance publicity locally) and a phone call to the management office (0117 960 8596) is only manned by an answering machine which is obviously programmed to ignore messages and requests for information.

I abhor the practices of these parking pariahs and fear that, if the shopping centre is trying to recoup losses on parking fees during the last few months, this may well backfire as I believe the lack of barriers may lure other unsuspecting visitors into this trap so, please, be warned.  

A very disgruntled pensioner