Bid to turn old pub into nursery

August 27 2020

THE future of an empty pub in Kingswood is raising concern among local residents.

The Flowerpot Inn in Kingswood

The Flowerpot Inn in Kingswood

The Old Flowerpot Inn has been closed and boarded up since 2017. It could now be transformed into a nursery for up to 125 children after plans to change the use of the building were submitted to South Gloucestershire Council by unnamed nursery owners.

The application (ref: 'P20/12658/F') went in on July 20 and states: "When it was last open the pub suffered from a good deal of anti-social behaviour and security issues, such that its conversion to a much needed, more benign community use, such as a nursery, should be welcomed.

"Certainly, the proposed new use will contribute positively to the local vitality of this part of the High Street and perhaps most importantly, retain all the key features of the existing building." 

It is hoped that the nursery will employ up to 30 staff and the applicant, Flowerpot Properties Ltd, proposes to offer a discounted rate for parents who live within walking distance. It is also hoped that a parents' coffee club could be offered after partnering up with local businesses.

The nursery's proposed opening hours are listed as 8am-6pm on weekdays, and as part of the plans it is also proposed that outbuildings at the rear of the building on High Street are demolished and four new semi-detached homes are built in their place.

In response to the proposals, residents have submitted comments that raise concerns about the loss of their local, "nightmare" parking and potential traffic problems. Objections include: “Shame to lose another pub”, “To accommodate all the staff and children who will need picking up and dropping off there is not enough space for this” and “As a parent I feel the increase in traffic moving in and out of the area would restrict my children from riding their bikes and scooters in the area and not only that, but it would be more dangerous for them to do so.”

However, comments have also been received in support of the plans, which include: “Having a nursery will benefit local children, generate jobs in the local area and ensure no anti social behaviour on weekends and evenings.”

The plans have a decision deadline of September 22. 

To view the plans and submit your comments, visit: