August 2022: Kingswood History Society

July 25 2022

Elf 'n' safety, myth or fact?

YES, it was Health and Safety  presented by Roy Ackerill who was a HM Inspector of Factories and a H&S Executive.

Roy presented many examples we see in our day to day life backed by many visual statistics. Highlighting some of the more notable headliners, motor racing, fairground accidents etc. Grenfell where the regulations were not fit for purpose and 56,000 still live with the same risk.

Covid was covered in some detail. UK first case 31/1/20 but in Italy in 2019. Were we slow to get going in understanding the risk ? A fact; we can now expect 18 vaccinations in our lifetime !

There were a number of jovial anecdotes to accompany the presentation. Did you know the Victorians advertised sanitised tapeworms to reduce fat ?

The animal that kills most humans is the mosquito second is humans !

It was finished by some interesting myths that have been associated to H&S. The truth is: Step ladders have not been banned. There is no legal requirements concerning PAT testing. Snowball throwing has never been stopped. etc.

To conclude, an eye opener for most of us and common sense should prevail.

A local businessman pointed out the number of contacts he has lost through ill informed businesses and the myths surrounding H&S.

Next meeting at the Park Centre, Kingswood is Tuesday 2nd Aug, 7pm for 7.30 pm start. Visitors £3.50 incl tea/coffee and biscuit.  A talk on Bristol Beauties by Mike Rowlands.