August 2020: Peter's Vision

July 30 2020

THIS month I’ve been struck by the vast array of options we have to help you see better when the light’s bright. I don't know about you, but I see myself as an optimist. Any day that it’s not actually raining (hard) is a sunglasses day. Whilst the last few months have not seen many new product launches, now the world of optometry is returning back to normal it’s play time!

As you probably know, I’m all for trying out and evaluating the latest tech whether it’s glasses lenses, frame styles & designs or eye exam instruments.  As you may have seen from our Facebook pages, ( I’ve been trying to match retro sunglasses with my uncut, lockdown longer than average, hair.  Thanks to those of you who sent me kind comments and I was pleased to not get anything too cheeky back!

 This month, as I’m sure many of us have, I finally got the relief of a haircut.  Now I don’t know about you, but I like to chat with whoever’s cutting my hair, and being able to see their face (well the half not covered by a mask anyhow) means wearing contact lenses.  It was in my view a modestly sunny day (well okay it wasn’t pouring with rain!).  I took the opportunity to try out the latest sun tinting contact lenses I’ve recently been sent to try, for my walk to and from the barbers.  They’re really quite good, clearly they don’t replace the look you get from a nice pair of Ray-Ban’s but in terms of visual performance and comfort I was impressed!

 If contact lenses are not for you, it’s not a problem.  We now have more sun lens options than ever before.  As I write we’re trying out the latest lenses and now have three grades of sun reacting tinting lenses (transitions) to offer, as well as three different polaroid options and numerous other tinted lenses we’ve designed ourselves.  Don’t worry though, our expert team is happy taking the time to understand your individual vision needs and recommending the perfect sun wear for you!

 When you come and see us you can expect the usual high standards of personal service, professional expertise and hygiene excellence you’re used to, from you local independent opticians.  You & your loved ones are most welcome to come and see us for your eye care and new glasses or contact lenses.  We just ask that you telephone first to book a time to come in to help us keep you all safe.

 Whatever your eye care needs, whether for driving, home working, seeing the golf ball more clearly or just relaxing in the sun, our expert team is ready & waiting to help you - however you like to protect your eyes from the sun!

 To book an extended eye exam or frame style consultation for yourself or those you love, please call our Henleaze practice on 0117 962 2474 or our Fishponds practice on 0117 965 4434.