August 2019: Vets4Pets Blog

August 30 2019

Pet nutrition is the key

Nutrition is key to any pet’s health. The aim is to have enough nutrients to support growth and repair, maintain healthy organs, a shiny healthy coat and enough energy to keep up with a busy afternoon in the park!
We understand that there is a large range of pet food to choose from and we are happy to help with queries you may have. When choosing a food you will need to think about the following:

Pet Lifestage: Younger animals need more energy and nutrient content whilst older pets benefit from lower energy diets and lower salt levels to help maintain healthy heart and kidneys. Some diets also have joint supplements included.

Current organ disease: Scientific evidence shows that a prescription diet can help with some organ dysfunctions e.g. kidney disease. We would recommend you speak to a vet regarding these diets.

Wet Vs Soft food: Wet food is tastier, but you will need to feed larger quantities to meet your pet’s requirement. Dry food is easier to store and is more energy dense. It can also be more hygienic in warmer weather.

Home cooked diets: Unless a recipe written by a veterinary nutritionist is followed, some diets can be unbalanced. We generally recommend these are avoided unless you are following qualified advice.

Raw Diets: these can work well
for some pets but considerations for strict hygiene (disinfecting bowls, not letting pets lick your face etc) MUST be followed. Be aware that feeding bones can lead to gastro-intestinal blockage. We advise that households with young children or immune-compromised habitants avoid feeding their pets raw food.

This is a small summary of nutrition but if you need help on your pet’s nutrition give us a call at Kingswood Vets4Pets on 0117 961 6417. We are located just off the Lodge Causeway and we will be happy to speak to you.