April 2022: Kingswood History Society

April 06 2022

At the Kingswood History Society meeting held at the Park Centre Kingswood on Tuesday 1st March we were entertained by Bryn Hawkins from Paulton of his life as a fifteen year old apprentice working for the Coal Board.

He spoke of how many pits there were when he started , somewhere in the region of a hundred and only five when he finished his working life. 

He mentioned his father and uncles were also pit workers. We were shown films of the different types of coal faces, and working conditions that existed in the various pits in the Somerset region as well as some of the safety equipment, ie: lamps that were used and how the old timers did not take too kindly to the new safety lamps as they were too big and awkward. Bryn finished answering many questions from the members present. In all a very entertaining evening.