April 2020: Vets4Pets Blog

April 02 2020

Don't give your pets any Easter eggs

Don't give your pets any Easter eggsWITH warmer weather and lighter nights this usually brings longer dog walks in the park and cats lounging in the sun! However, whilst we’re enjoying the Easter weather, we must remember our responsibilities to keep our pets safe.

With Easter just around the corner and, for majority of people, it is all about one thing… Chocolate! Whether it be Easter egg hunts with the family or treating yourself to some chocolatey goodness, nearly all households around this time of year have chocolate in their home and around their pets.

Unfortunately chocolate contains an ingredient known as theobromine, a chemical similar to caffeine, which can cause toxic effects in cats and dogs. Dependant on the varying level of theobromine (dark chocolate contains more than milk chocolate), it can cause visible symptoms such as agitation, hyperexcitability, tremors and convulsions, as well as hidden dangers such as kidney failure and heart problems.

Spring time also means bunches of flowers are being exchanged and grown in our gardens. Lilies are a common spring flower but unfortunately highly toxic to our feline friends and can be fatal. If you own a cat we advise not to keep any lilies in your home or garden, also do not gift lilies to people who own cats.

There are a variety of different Easter treats for our furry friends that you can give them so they can join in with the fun! Just always check with your local vet or the label to ensure they are pet friendly and not toxic!

We hope you all have a safe Easter. As always, if you have any questions or need veterinary help please give us a call at Kingswood Vets4Pets on: 0117 961 6417.