April 2020: Peter's Vision

April 02 2020

Mixed emotions

This month I’m writing with a different perspective.  There’s no escaping the global, national and quite probably local implications of the coronavirus, and as you’d expect we’re following best practice and NHS guidelines to ensure we all stay healthy and continue to provide high quality clinical care come what may.  Enough of that though, this month it’s all about my Dad, Phil Turner.  

Phil qualified in 1969, 30 years after his father Harold and 30 years ahead of me.  Clearly It’s not something that we planned, and to have a 20 year gap would have been more appropriate.  20/20 is a key vision standard we all aspire to, but as I’m sure you can work out, as we’re not child prodigies, 20 year gaps would be basically impossible!

Back to Phil, he was a committed husband, Dad, clinician and friend to many.  And yes sadly he died this week. He’d been battling motor neuron disease for around two years, and died peacefully at home with his family.  Many of you will no doubt remember him for his caring attention to detail, in a not pedantic but particular way - unless of course you’d met him in his role as a College Examiner!  He was always gently trying to tease answers out, but wouldn’t stand for students trying to bluff their way past him, that never happened! I know this from trying to get out of trouble at home.  Dad always seemed to instinctively be at least one step ahead.  

Phil was a keen walker and DIY enthusiast.  Only last year, despite his illness, he was regularly stomping up and down the hills of England and wales.  As part of his transition out of work he built a house with his wife Christine. After this they took a year off to go travelling, returned home to build a garage, took another year or so off and then built a garden shed!  Technically of course Phil never actually retired, that wasn’t his way, he remained on sabbatical until he died.

We’ll all miss him terribly, and thanks to you all for your kind thoughts, well wishes and prayers.  They’re all gratefully received.

It wouldn’t be an eye blog without at least mentioning glasses, and as Dad wore glasses himself I think I can get away with this one!  Our new Maxx collection has been very well received, and as he was always one for a bargain, Dad approved too!

You and your family are most welcome to come and see us for your eye care and on trend Maxx glasses.  We’d like to check you can see clearly and have healthy eyes too.  To book an extended eye exam or frame style consultation for yourself or those you love, please call 0117 962 2474 or 0117 965 4434.  


Peter Turner is a Senior Optometrist at Turners Opticians in Bristol who also works part time as a Senior Optometrist at the Bristol Eye Hospital.