April 2020: Kingswood Heritage Museum

April 02 2020

Kingswood Heritage Museum: 2020 season

THE reopening of Kingswood Heritage Museum has been delayed due to current events. The Museum will review its position regularly with a view to opening as soon as practicable. 

One of the two new major exhibits that will be on show in 2020 is entitled “Spotlight on Downend and Mangotsfield”, with pictures that show how much the area has changed in 50 or so years.

The two photographs above illustrate how profound some changes have been. They show the same spot in Downend “now” and “then” (in 1972).The old Sandringham Garage in Downend has disappeared completely, to be replaced by a modern housing development.

The Museum thank Downend Camera Club, for matching up the “now” picture with the South Gloucestershire Gazette “then”.

The old Sandringham Garage in Downend now

The old Sandringham Garage in Downend then