A greener Kingswood and a better world

August 27 2020

THIS time of Covid19 has been difficult, especially for the families who have lost loved ones and those suffering the long term effects of the illness.

We are fortunate that these numbers have been low in South Glos and that during  lockdown we were able to walk and take exercise in several lovely parks and wild spaces. I’m sure that, like me, many of you have also had the support of fantastic neighbours during this time.

However, the pandemic is just one of the catastrophes to sweep many parts of our world; in recent times we have have witnessed floods, raging fires and even swarms of locusts ravaging our world and destroying wildlife, their habitats and our crops. We know we are living through a climate crisis due in large part to the actions of us humans and whilst this country has targets to be carbon neutral by 2050 scientists are telling us that this is not soon enough.

Lockdown, though difficult for many, provided a space for reflection as we enjoyed the quiet sunny days, the birdsong and boldness of some wildlife to creep back into our gardens. A recent survey indicated that only 10% of us want to return to the world as it was with most hoping for a greener and more sustainable world to hand down to future generations. 

The looming economic crisis is serious and scary but gives the government opportunities for retraining and growth of new green industries providing jobs and working towards better lives for all. It is encouraging that the government is already consulting on bringing forward the day for banning the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and I’m sure we would all would like to encourage them to do more.  

It is only when politicians are made aware of what their constituents feel strongly about that they are able to represent those interests and concerns and reflect them in policy. Recent research found that many MPs don’t feel confident about raising climate issues at Westminster, in part because they don’t believe these issues reflect what their constituents want. We know that Chris Skidmore has the interests of Kingswood people at heart but if we don’t tell him we care about the environment and keep reminding him of the importance and value of a green recovery how can he represent that view in parliament?

The recent mass zoom lobby organised by the Climate Coalition had details of 10 people in Kingswood who tried to get a zoom meeting with Chris Skidmore. Unfortunately he was otherwise engaged. I don’t believe there are only 10 people who care about these issues and invite you to respond and volunteer to be part of a growing voice expressing our concerns but also hopes and wishes for the government to work towards a carbon free environment buy 2030/35 and not wait till 2050, the existing target date. We will work together to alert each other to climate issues as they arise in parliament and write / email Chris Skidmore to share our concerns and encourage him to speak up on our behalf and consistently vote for anything which will bring the date of achieving carbon neutrality nearer.

Currently we are a small group who keep in touch via a WhatsApp group so that we can coordinate our letters. If you would like to know more about us and hopefully join us  please get in touch by emailing us at kingswoodgreenrecovery@gmail.com  We look forward to hearing from you.

Concerned resident