£1,000 boosts reading for pleasure

March 24 2020

CHILDREN at Summerhill Academy have received a boost to their reading adventures in the form of £1000 of books from children’s literacy charity Read for Good.

£1,000 boosts reading for pleasure

Vice Principal Rachel Scammell applied for the national charity’s new Brilliant Box of Books scheme containing some 150 titles aimed at children in Years 5 to 8.

Summerhill was chosen as one of of 30 schools chosen to pilot the scheme, aimed at boosting reading for pleasure.

Read for Good's chief executive Justine Daniels said: “Our charity's mission is to support children to love reading. Children who read for fun are more likely to flourish academically, emotionally and career-wise in today's information-rich world. We worry that without ready access to the books and stories that will set imaginations alight, then this generation will miss out on so much.”

Mrs Scammell said: “We want our children to find books nestled on our library’s shelves that will become lifelong favourites. Books can show children other worlds and possibilities, encouraging them to dream big.”