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Kingswood Voice September 2020

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August 27 2020

Praise for Class of 2020

TEENAGERS who missed out on months of schooling because of the Covid-19 emergency were hit again by a fiasco over exam results. While some Kingswood youngsters celebrated on A-level results day at schools and colleges, others found their grades were lower than expected, meaning their university and apprenticeship places were at risk until a U-turn meant grades rose again. Head teachers have praised both A-level and GCSE students for their hard work and resilience in the face of the unprecedented challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic... Read More

August 27 2020

Pizzas for the needy

KINGSWOOD Co-op manager Lee Brankin knew just what to do when he received a larger than expected delivery of pizzas... Read More

August 27 2020

Bid to turn old pub into nursery

THE future of an empty pub in Kingswood is raising concern among local residents... Read More

August 27 2020

Vote halts bid to sell booze at club

BRISTOL Rovers Supporters Junior Football Club has been refused permission to sell alcohol at its Soundwell pavilion after dozens of residents objected... Read More